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nd move forward.

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nd move forward.

Postby ylq » 06 Nov 2019, 03:32

There used to be such a person. When he was 22, he failed in business. At the age of 23, he failed to run for the state. At the age of 24, he returned to his old business and continued to do business. He lost nothing Marlboro Lights. The 29-year-old campaigner failed again. The 49-year-old senator failed again. At the age of 51, the presidential election finally succeeded and became the greatest president in the history of the United States. This person is Abraham Lincoln. The revelation of his experience is: failure, falling, and standing up. When we do anything, everyone expects success, but there are often setbacks and failures associated with success. Especially in today's fierce competition, opportunities increase, risks increase, and the probability of failure increases. This is what requires us to break the fear of failure, enhance the ability to cope with failure, and temper our strong willpower in setbacks and risks. Only in this way can we succeed. Throughout the ages, there have been countless examples of failures and standing up from the fall. Yue Wang Goujian, retired, and ten years of lessons, finally realized the oath of "three thousand more than a can swallow Wu Online Cigarettes." In my country, there is also an entrepreneur whose name is not known to many people. He once said with deep affection: "I am not afraid of falling, because I have never stood up." This entrepreneur is a disabled person. Needless to say, everyone knows that he has achieved the same results than ordinary people. Work hard. The writer of the French writer Balzac said: Suffering is a stepping stone for genius, a fortune for the brave, and an abyss for the weak. Many of us have been shocked by the wonderful performance of "Avalokitesvara", and we have been moved by tears in the story of Hong Zhanhui. But have we ever thought about it, if we fell at the starting line, how should we face it? Is it frustrating? Still full of heart? If you choose the former one, you are undoubtedly a weak person. You are worried about failure and retreat from failure. You will never reach success. However, if you choose the latter, then you can be sure that you are stubborn and determined. People, you are not afraid of setbacks, have the courage to challenge setbacks, your strong self-confidence will make you embark on the first step of success. The future is still very long Maybe we will encounter bumps and maybe fall. It is the most painful, but we still have to take off the soil, lift the tearful smile, and move forward.
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