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strength is also to

Postby ylq » 25 Oct 2019, 08:23

The blink of an eye is September 10. Today is Teacher's Day, and it's so fast! How many gifts does the teacher receive when I think about elementary school! I remember that every year in the past few years, the teacher received a few flowers, and the gifts could not be held. There are many greeting cards or something. In the junior high school, the teacher's day teacher received little flowers, and there were very few flowers. I bought one for the teacher on Monday. I must be here. I wish the alma mater's teacher and the current teacher a happy holiday, nourishing all things; rain, is an animal. Musician, rain, is the source of the lake and the fine rain elves come. The dry-smelling plants that are baked by the hot sun become elated. The colorful flowers rushed to accept its moisture; the trees heard the news of the rain elves dancing the leaves to welcome the arrival of the rain elves; the grass saw the raindrops of the rain elves, the raindrops of the beans hit down, the grass said: "Not enough, Not enough, come back some more..." The rain elves listened to the opinions of the plants and began to pour down the rain. Flowers, trees, and grasses open their mouths - greedy to enjoy the moisture of the rain. After the heavy rain, the flowers bloomed with smiles, trees, and the musicians who danced with the grass came raining. The animals are listening to the music played by the rain. Listen, the rain started playing. The rain hit the drums on the leaves and the lotus leaves; the piano was played between the grasses; the beautiful voice was shown in the flowers... The rain played one song after another, and the animals made a sensation The applause of the ground shouted: "One more, one more." Rain is too busy, although the rain stopped playing Cheap Cigarettes, but the animals are still enjoying the rain Newport Cigarettes Coupons. Rivers, rivers, lakes, and seas cheered because they waited for the baptism of the rain. The rain began to wash. He scorned slowly and was afraid of washing them. The smallest river cried: "Rain, why haven't you started yet?" "I have already started," Rain thought hard: "Oh, maybe I am too light!" "Don't worry, we think you use The greater strength is also touching Online Cigarettes." River said. There was a burst of voice from the side: "Yes, yes." "Yes, force it." The rain made the strength of the whole body, and the river, the lake, the sea, and the river became so happy. A quick tweet.
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