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Postby ylq » 07 Sep 2019, 08:37

Since ancient times, beauty has been beautiful in her care for her life. Beauty is a deep feeling of life, only to use the exquisite eyebrow pencil to outline the uniqueness of their lives. Under the window of Xiaoxuan, in front of the sandal mirror, the woman's make-up is like a beautiful and delicate dance. Every subtlety, every smile that changes with the music, is recorded in the bronze-stained scratches. Beauty, but it is inevitably contaminated with dust. If you ask a material woman, what is the beautiful woman she is, she may indulge for a while, then hold a thick foundation to tell you: "Well, of course, the latest single wearing Paris Fashion Week. Pin, and there is, Chanel's perfume, elegant style. Also have sad eyes, light gait, golden proportion of the body!" At this time your heart feels infinitely desolate. When is the beauty of manned by material layers? When did life become a grand masquerade? When is the aesthetics, it��s in the darkness of the city, watching the youngest woman walking in the bright glass window of the most prosperous commercial street Carton Of Cigarettes, and the noise of heavy metal music Slamming the women's slender high heels. People in the sinusoidal emergency tube lost their self. Numerous people tried to cover their personal temperament with glamorous clothing. Countless people tried to cover their cosmetics and hurriedly buried the lost years. If a woman walks on the ancient streets with such makeup, it is really ridiculous. So, what is makeup? Make-up is no longer a short-acting action, but a process of constructing the thickness of life, which is not the thickness of matter. After covering the face with thick powder, I can't even identify the person in the mirror. The woman with heavy makeup always gives the atmosphere of the fireworks of the world. Even in the very affluent places like caf��s, she is still the woman who remembers to play mahjong three. Some people will say that the original minority of the contemporary women's natural beauty, how can we not make up? A woman who does not wear makeup is not responsible for herself. However, the writer Bi Shumin wrote the article "Surface Faces the Sky", and Chi Zijian also said, "I am light makeup." "Natural decoration is just the right embellishment." Those who questioned, who can deny these two The spiritual enrichment of female writers, therefore, the bright petals will fall with the autumn wind, and only the spiritual fullness will make us still tall and straight in the winter. How to get the fullness of this spirit? Lin Huiyin is known as the most temperament of the Republic of China. Woman. Her temperament comes from the cultivation of her classic literature from the small book of Xiangmen, from her in the chaos of the world, still not forgetting to think about life and caring for others Newport Cigarettes. She always keeps her own truth, no matter what the situation, there is that attachment. As one of the greatest architects of modern China Marlboro Red, she lived with love and dignity. Such as her, the makeup of the
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