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I am a person who

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I am a person who

Postby ylq » 12 Jul 2019, 07:36

I am a person who is good at pretending to be myself Wholesale Cigarettes. Because the reality is too cruel, I can't accept the test of reality. I can only disguise with a smile. I laugh and pass the best expression of life. I am not used to telling my own pains in too many gorgeous language. I know that when I am tired, I will fall asleep. If I feel pain, I will cry. Maybe I am not good at expressing it with tears. If I hurt, I will endlessly torture myself. Maybe In the eyes of others, I am a very extreme person! It is true that sometimes I can't accept what I have done, and then I think of why I used to sympathize with myself when I was so abused. If you are tired, you will have a rest Cigarettes Online. The happiness of disguise can deceive people who care about you Newport Cigarettes Coupons, but you can��t deceive yourself. Only you know what the inner pain is. The more you grow, the more you need to be with you. I want to do it myself. Things, you will find that no one who lives and supports you cheers for you Online Cigarettes. You have no way to do one thing. Why can't I compare myself to the present, now I see that I am weak, there is no brain thinking, this I have pretended, but I failed, but I still can't deceive my heart and don't want people who care about you to see you hurt. Don't want them to think too much. Therefore, I chose to pretend to disguise myself as unhappy and to carry the painful thing alone. I am thinking about how powerful a person's ability to carry the heart is, how many unsatisfactory things can be carried? I don't know that I can only say that there are too many things in my heart, and people are a lot of people. Even so, I still used to disguise all my emotions. I hope those who care about me, I care about happiness, I don't want to share my pain with others, I like to share happiness. If you are wearing a disguise, please don't disassemble it Cigarettes For Sale. Just wear it with the person and disguise it. If you are crazy with her or him, you will never be able to fool yourself!
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