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Walked through the

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Walked through the

Postby ylq » 12 Jul 2019, 07:35

Walked through the spring and summer rain, walked through the autumn frost and winter snow, and passed the cycle of another season. Everything in the past, like the numbers on the electronic clock, has always become history. Only when I was thinking about it in the quiet night, I remembered the days I had passed, and I remembered the feelings I had. If you make a segment of life, my winter is the beginning of a new life. You don't have to find any excuses, and you don't think about whether it is because of the increase of age, a kind of quiet that is longing from the bottom of my heart, and it is so natural to flow my time. Heart, too much to carry will be tired, thinking, looking forward to too beautiful will be confused Cigarettes For Sale. Now I am tired of going this way, just like removing the heavy shell, changing my natural ease, and giving me a clean and peaceful. Let's attribute the past waywardness to the youth at that time, and put a heart and mind into it, full of enthusiasm and fearlessness. Laughing, it is both high-song, angry, and casual. Dripping with my own personality, swaying the attachment in my heart. I forgot that there is still a wonderful thing that does not belong to me. It can only be turned into a reflection in the water Newport 100S. After all, it will be fruitless. Quietness is also a kind of happiness, and loneliness does not mean loneliness. When everything is in the way, I figured it out, I realized that quiet is the music I have been looking for. Quietly alone, don't worry about saying that others will be happy, and don't care if there is anything wrong with it Marlboro Cigarettes. The troubles of life, and a slight smile, will always pass. The unsatisfactory life, and steady mind, there is always a warm heart. No longer expecting a moment of excitement, my belongings will eventually exist there Carton Of Cigarettes. Not warm, not anxious, be a meditation woman, enjoy my remaining years. There are celebrations for the rest of the year, and there are thousands of me. Fanghua has a sweet heart Wholesale Cigarettes, and Xin has thousands of silences. Only I sing a long and singer song alone, silently decapitating my life. The singer-song dances all the way to a confidant, and the geometric delight enjoys a scene without waves. Ice and snow, melting in the warmth of spring. Quiet, starting from the bottom of my heart.
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