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James Color Rush Bradberry Jersey

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James Color Rush Bradberry Jersey

Postby linchao » 04 Jun 2019, 04:13

Wow...three losses in a row. Two of which were very winnable. The Panthers 2018 season is circling the toilet. Maybe it’s not that bad. Hopefully someone can talk me off the ledge right? Let’s see. All Panthers fans welcome.You’ll need a headset with a mic to talk (but not listen) if you don’t dial in via land line (see below). A cell phone will work but usually the quality of the call presents a problem. I believe you have to sign up for an account to use the chat feature. Otherwise you can just listen and follow the chat. You can follow the show and get automated notices of upcoming shows by visiting the CSR Radio page on BTR by clicking here.To dial in via land line: (626) 213-5738To just listen or talk as well. You can also follow the chat at the same time through the link above. If you join the chat please take time to include your user name. You can do both as well Julius Peppers Jersey , chat via Blog talk Radio chat box and dial in via land line to talk. If you have a bad connection, background noise or other issue I reserve the right to mute you in order to not mess up the recording.All Panthers Fans Welcome!If you should miss the show you can always download previous episodes from Blog Talk Radio or by using the embedded player above.Tonight’s Host: JaxonOn tonight’s docket:Week 12 Result: Seahawks 30 Panthers 27 Recap Panthers 2018 Season Week 12 Preview: Panthers at BuccaneersFantasy Football Results and Vegas betting linesPanthers news & notesAround the NFL and the NationThe best (and worst) of CSR The most immediate question regarding the return of safety Eric Reid to the NFL is whether the deal with the Panthers has any impact on his pending collusion case.Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the contract with the Panthers does not impact Reid’s collusion grievance against the NFL. Specifically DJ Moore Color Rush Jersey , Reid did not agree to dismiss or settle his collusion grievance as part of his contract in Carolina.The ongoing unemployment of Reid was only making the collusion more conspicuous.聽And there’s one potential piece of evidence that could make the collusion even more conspicuous: If the Panthers cleared the move with the league office before making it, the mere effort to get the green light from the league before signing Reid would be evidence of an atmosphere of collusion. Absent an atmosphere of collusion, there would be no need to get the league’s nod of approval before signing Reid.Green light or not James Color Rush Bradberry Jersey , the Panthers did the right thing by looking past non-football matters and making a football decision.聽Earlier this week, Panthers receiver Torrey Smith lobbied publicly for the Panthers to consider Reid. To their credit, the Panthers did — with no assurances or promises that Reid won’t continue to pursue legal rights against the NFL Ian Thomas Jersey , which necessarily includes the Panthers.
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