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s useless. In the

Postby ylq » 18 May 2019, 03:55

s useless. In the second year, the grass was more vigorous and greener. L listened and said: "It's okay." After Lao Zhang left, he thought thoughtfully, but he didn't know how to say the grass on the grave. He also saw that he still remembers that the little sister of the neighbor's house always cries in the night. Finally, he has no choice but to invite a goddess. When the child saw something he shouldn��t have seen, he had to get rid of it. Otherwise the child couldn��t live. So he stayed in the middle of the night and heard the sound of the lid in the house, the sound of the water tank, the sound of the door, very Tension. My mother said: "Knocking on the lid is afraid that the ghost ran from the chimney. The water tank is afraid of ghosts staying in the water. The door is afraid of ghosts slipping away and then the godmother ignited a lot of incense and pointed at the airway Carton Of Cigarettes. : "Today is with you theoretical theory. I am not afraid of you! You bully a little baby, you are a ghost thing. If you want to go, go quickly, go far..." The neighbor's aunt, also followed. The scene L was still fresh and the goddess left. The little sister of the neighbor does not cry. L clearly knows that Goddess is cheating money. But she is so troubled, there is something in the hearts of neighbors and sisters. This is psychologically speaking, so I will never cry forever. L will never forget. Once I spoke to the big tree and yelled at the mountains. I was seen by my grandfather. He said with a strong heart: "Don't dare to do this, so let yourself go. Don't bully the mountains, cross the river and not spit the river. You can't spit to the tree. This tree has lived for hundreds of years, and it has never seen anything. Even more than The god of the temple, the god of the gods. I dare not say this at the time. I don��t understand it. Now I want to come, every word is deeply afraid of people. I love swimming, and in the river of my village, drown two girls 10 years ago. After 10 years, the same position drowned two girls. The same parallel line of the road is also a frequent car accident and the traffic police finally have no way. Clearly open road, but why is there a car accident? Finally, the traffic police are here. Put the sign language: "The accident occurred more and more L looked and laughed. The villagers also kill chickens every year, saying that it is possible to replace the souls and suffer. The soul will leave. Isn't this a concept with He Bo's wife? It's ridiculous, but this time he didn't stop the villagers from continuing to kill the chicken. He repeatedly went to check the accident. Also draw a conclusion. That is to have two narrow alleys on the road. The people on both sides of the alley are dense. Therefore, people on the road can't see the situation in the alley, that is, the eye is not open. The exit of the alley is close to the road, so the driver will have an influence in the subconscious. For example, a person is driving a car and suddenly comes out with a person or a dog. Those who drive will definitely be scared. Not to mention the evening, he told his traffic police about his ideas. The traffic police's reply is: "This situation is along the way. This is not special. However, we still put warnings." This can only be the case, he can not tear down the surrounding households yesterday, L heard, there Another car accident occurred and a young man from a neighboring village died. L can only shake his head and sigh and there are bizarre stories. One of my own colleagues, there are seven brothers, it is also more. Moreover, the ancestral graves of his family��s cadres in various regions are on the edge of the ditch, so they think it is not good. Poor feng shui. So I asked Mr. grave. When the tomb was opened, it was found that although the tomb was on the edge of the ravine, there were many vine roots in the tomb. There are jujube trees, there are papaya trees. These trees were on the half of the ravine and they moved the grave. In the following three years, three brothers died in succession. It is puzzling. It is said that the feng shui was destroyed. L's mother is a devout Buddhist believer. She always worships God and sees the Buddha. The mother said her eyes were poisonous. She also said that her dreams are accurate. On several occasions, I saw that a certain person suddenly appeared like a ghost. As a result, soon after, someone died a similar thing. She said a lot. L should persuade: "Don't talk about it later." Also said to her: "If you really know, why don't you tell the person. Let him be careful. The mother said very disapprovingly: "How do you say this! Let me be sure if it is uncertain. Once said, how do people think about me, your mother is not a long L can only be speechless. The mother also said something about herself. It was to go to the land many years ago. Because of the large amount of land, I want to start early to finish. So it started early, and it was dark in less than 5 o'clock. When I entered the ravine, I felt that it was not right. Behind it, it seems to be pulling something. She had a cold sweat, but she still insisted on the top of the mountain. I didn't know how to fall asleep until there was a villager who came to the ground and saw her before she woke her up. She woke up in confusion, told the man that she had just finished the matter, and she was going back. The man in the same village has to go back, because he was afraid to turn back and once again asked the man. The man nodded seriously: "Yes. I wondered how your mother slept there that day, and thought that many animals were scared and would sleep. Many hypnotic masters are so hypnotized. Mothers may be scaring themselves. Listening from someone else's mouth, or reading it in the book. For such a story, L said that it can't be finished for three days and three nights. L's thoughts are like the curse of Pharaoh, always want to study these things. This is buried. There are things in his heart. On several occasions he really wants to let himself see something that is not clean. Just let these unclean things come to yourself. Come see him and scare him. But no, never There aren��t so many farmers, so many people with knowledge say so. Every story is lifelike and flesh and blood. Every story is worth thinking about, such as ghosts and gods, such as why people think so, fear, This kind of thinking has passed for so many years. L no longer doubts. The peasant is awe, he is also awe. There are so many gods, there are. There are so many ghosts, there is. L believe, good With time things will speak himself, to tell the truth like a mother, she said: "Whether there are any. To the Buddha is to be good. Respecting God is to respect people. People who are daring will commit crimes. People who are always good in their hearts generally don't. Or will be afraid to do bad things. It��s not a bad thing for you to have a god on your head. Tell us, someone is watching us. You can't be fooled into thinking that this is probably the mother's illiterate, the most philosophical statement ever said. This is also the cultural charm of Chinese Buddhism. The mother did not have a white letter Buddhism. Did she really learn some of the graves? There is a past in the tomb, awe, and a future worth thinking about. L is still fearless, because death is not a terrible thing. L also remembers the face of his grandfather. His words: "Do not bully the mountains, cross the river, don't bully the river. Everything is spiritual, don't watch them not speak." Don't be self-sufficient. You look at this tree and live for a few hundred years. You worship it, you are worshipping God, and you are beginning to understand the wisdom of an ordinary person. You don't have to listen to anything like MBA, tutor or something. He loves to listen to ordinary people and listen to what they say. He also began to fear this philosophy. Who is wise? Who is stupid? Just wisdom, wisdom, stupid, stupid, a fish is smart, my grandfather They are also smart. They never use blood to cure diseases. They believe that doctor L smiled, looked at the stars outside the window, and smiled very relieved. Thinking of the Ching Ming Festival coming, I should go to the grave. This time I said What do you say to your mother? Be sure to say, "Mom, I am coming. I know that you can hear me. Your son has been there. Before he was proud, he was self-righteous. Do not listen to you. Now obeying everything is awesome, awe is starting from a grass, starting with a tree, starting with an ant. Everything is spiritual!
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