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Shaq Mason Color Rush Jersey

Postby linchao » 11 Feb 2019, 04:58

The Patriots are returning to work after a bye week and quarterback Tom Brady said he spent the time off going through the first 10 games of the year.Brady said on WEEI that he watched “the entire season a couple of times” and found that “some weeks it has been easier than others” to move the ball and put points on the board. Brady didn’t delve into the things he believes lead to those results Shaq Mason Color Rush Jersey , but he did make it clear that he thinks things go better when tight end Rob Gronkowski can play.Gronkowski has missed three of the last four games due to back and ankle injuries and there was a report on Sunday that he’s on track to play against the Jets. Brady doesn’t know if that’s how things will play out, but knows he’d like to have him on the field.“We’ll see. I don’t know. We鈥檒l see how it goes, we haven鈥檛 even practiced this week,” Brady said.聽“I think he鈥檚 itching to get back. He鈥檚 a big difference-maker when he鈥檚 on the field. I hope he is out there, but we鈥檒l see. It is up to the trainers and coaches and up to Rob to see how he feels. We have practice this week LaAdrian Waddle Jersey , and we鈥檒l see what we can do.”Gronkowski has not had 100 receiving yards or a touchdown since the first game of the season, but that clearly hasn’t diminished Brady’s view of what the tight end means to the team. We’ve seen this before haven’t we? Those of us who remember the Patriots vs. Colts battles back in the day have seen this before. When I sit back and analyze the matchup between New England and the Kansas City Chiefs I’m brought back to that place in time. Why do I feel like this is a blast from the past? Let’s discuss and I’ll paint a picture.Quarterback playThe Chiefs have a highly touted quarterback who is rolling at the moment. While he’s not a Peyton Manning by any means, he comes into this game with similar intangibles. Both are accurate throwers with Patrick Mahomes having a cannon for a arm. The biggest difference between the two at this stage is Mahomes has scrambling ability unlike Peyton who was a true pocket passer. Look for the Patriots defense to try and keep Mahomes in the pocket without letting him extend plays with his legs.Running back playEdgerrin James and Kareem Hunt both possess the ability to take over a game on the ground. When I think about it they have a similar set of skills. While it is a different league now than when James played, the headache is still there. The Patriots always handled James, something they weren’t able to do last season with Hunt. The Patriots have to keep him in check for them to be successful in this game.Wide receiversWhere to begin with this one? The Colts brought in Marvin Harrison as their number one receiver. The Chiefs bring in Tyreek Hill who can flat out fly. I know you can’t allow Hill to go off in this game. The absolute lethal speedster can cause havoc both as a wideout and a punt returner. Don’t even kick it near him if you don’t have to. The Patriots defense will need to be very aware of him at all times. I suppose you can say Sammy Watkins would be the Chiefs’ equivalent of Reggie Wayne. I don’t personally believe that James Develin Color Rush Jersey , but for this we can roll with it. The Kansas City wideout is a bit of a wildcard. They gotta be aware of him on the field, assuming he suits up. The Patriots defense will have their hands full this week just like they did back in the day with the Colts.I hope I connected the dots for everyone in my comparisons. We’ve seen this song and dance quite a few times haven’t we? Let’s hope like the other times the Pats get a win Sunday night.You can follow me on Twitter @Chris_Blackey and as always – Go, Pats!
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