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will fall. You raise your umbrella

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will fall. You raise your umbrella

Postby ylq » 04 Dec 2019, 09:34

s a child, when you learned to walk, your mother let go of your hands, so you learned to walk; when you fell, your hands were released when you fell, so you learned to be strong Online Cigarettes. Now that you are 13 years old, it's time to go to junior high school. She will run in Yangzhou, Jiangdu, hoping you can go to a good school. The wind chases the rain, and the rain chases the wind. The rain flowing down from the eaves gathered in the streets into turbid creeks. The heavy rain descended frantically from the sky, the dark sky seemed to collapse, the atmosphere was dire and terrible, like the hearts of countless candidates at this moment. "Hey! Come on-let's make it, don't squeeze, don't squeeze! Parents are not allowed in, hey, that parent, let the child go in alone Wholesale Cigarettes." The words of security rang in his ears. There are so many people here, so many candidates like you are holding umbrellas and holding admission tickets, trying to find a suitable entrance in this noisy place. Hurry up, you go in with an umbrella, go in quickly "then ... what about you, this is an umbrella" "Don't worry about me, you can't be late for the exam, hurry up" "Hey ... Mom!" Put the umbrella handle in your hand, let go of her, and push you out. You took a few steps, held your umbrella back, and saw her in the rain, wearing a thin sweater, bending down, and the rain kept beating on her. She covered her half-wet hair in her left hand, and still made her move in the right hand, saying something in her mouth: "Come in! Don't let it go!" You followed the many candidates to the building, and the more you walked away from the door Farther away. When you look back, she is getting smaller and smaller, and finally, it is so small that it disappears in your field of vision. After the exam, you are back in the lobby. The tiled floor is covered with rainwater falling from various umbrellas Newport Cigarettes Coupons. Once you step on your shoes, it becomes muddy. The soles of the feet are slippery, and if they are not careful, they will fall. You raise your umbrella and go out, looking for her figure among thousands of people. Then you saw her. You run forward and pull her, I know, you won't let go this time.
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