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ing is proficient,

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ing is proficient,

Postby ylq » 06 Nov 2019, 03:35

There are thousands of stones in the world, there are crystal clear jade; there are tough diamonds. Today, what I want to praise is the most common and ordinary stone Marlboro Lights. They don't have a gorgeous appearance, and they are always the simplest pattern. Their shapes are strange, round and square; there are large, small; smooth and rough. However, no matter what shape, they always maintain their own unique simplicity, and have been obscured... In every corner of the world, they have their simple figure. Maybe they are not eye-catching, and they will even be ruthlessly opened. But they never complain, just crying silently on the side.. Stone is selfless, modern society is advancing by leaps and bounds, and technology is becoming more developed. A tall building stands up, and this also has a credit for it! Stones and cement are mixed together, and the hard stones are made stronger. They don't have a private complaint. They are so obscure, selfless and dedicated to the convenience of people. Whenever I pick up a stone, I can't help but imagine the hardships and bumps they have experienced on the road of life. Maybe he was abandoned by people; maybe he was once scorned by jade, crowded out; but he is always the most simple! Think about us again, there are intrigues everywhere, and tNot long ago, Wei Xiang, a disabled student from Dingxi, Gansu, was admitted to Tsinghua University. His indomitable spirit touched many people. It is hard to imagine how many days in the wind and rain, his mother insisted on carrying him to school. He also survived the most difficult years and the road of learning with his tenacious willpower. He mentioned in the letter from Tsinghua University that Wei Xiang: It may not be easy to come, fate may be unfair, life may be sad, but please Enough to believe that maybe we have not experienced any big storms now, but that day will always come Cigarettes For Sale. Great or small hardships are a spiritual asset of ours. Indeed, we will complain about getting up in the deep winter Cigarettes Online, but many days of persistence, you will find that it is just like getting up early, we have more time to learn; indeed, we will be "children's paintings for children" Everything is proficient, but many days of persistence, you will find that learning a skill is no different. In the future, we will be extremely grateful for he opposite is true. I am ashamed that I am a personal class. Dear people, wake up! Let us become more simple and more harmonious, learning the obscurity of the stone. I want to learn the strong and simple spirit of stone, obscurity.
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