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Animosity Approved

Animosity events have selected and approved the data sheets contained here for use at Animosity events. A range of expired and custom data-sheets!

Animosity Approved

Postby venerabledread » 03 Sep 2014, 14:25

Every now and then we host games and events in which the opportunity to field huge war machines presents itself. Many data sheets exist, some devised by the devious minds at Games Workshop and since lost to the darkness of mechanicum vaults (as they have no corresponding miniature to sell). Many are custom made, lunatic creations that 'the rule of cool' will not allow their use to go unnoticed!

Their inclusion in this list (which is by now and comprehensive) means that they have been accepted and cleared for deployment at Animosity events which allow such crazy contraptions!

Not a of these units will be gargantuan or super heavy class,some of the units we will pass for clearance will be old favourites long lost to the Epic Archives or tucked away in some Black Library recess.

If you can't do d what you're looking for or wish to submit something fit suggestion raise a query in the General forum and we will discuss the unit openly.

Please do not attempt to add units or post comments as we wish to keep these pages as clear of discussion as possible.

Thank you.
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