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Animosity Army Competiton 2014/2015 - THR RULES

The 2014/2015 Animosity Army Competition.

Animosity Army Competiton 2014/2015 - THR RULES

Postby venerabledread » 26 Jun 2014, 12:43

- The competition begins on the 1st of July

- Start a thread in the appropriate sub-forum with the following format: Name – Army
Post a nominal list of 1500 points that you intend to paint over the year. You can edit this list as the year goes on so long as it's still 1500 points and a valid army via the 7th ed force org chart (so pretty much anything - handy eh?).

- Each month you must complete painting at least one unit, vehicle or Independent Character to tournament standards (3 color minmum). Since this IS now a competition, we need a before and after photos with a timestamp. The before one could use a newspaper in the photo, or the date/time showing on you monitor from Google etc - no messing with the Windows date settings!
The after photo doesn't need a timestamp as long as you post it before month end

- If you have fewer units than months in the challenge, you get some months off! If you have more units than months, aim to get more done some months, but even just getting through 12 units in a year will help your progress!

- You may miss 2 months over the year, but must make up the the extra unit(s) in the following month.

- You should have the entire 1500 Point force painted by June 30th, 2015

- Models that are already primed, basecoated, or stripped are ok! We don't care who makes the model, if you've converted it etc - just get it ready for the table!

- You are allowed to change your army or list at any time, but you MUST still complete 1500 points by the end of the year.

- The armies will be judged at an Animosity event after June 30th (however that falls - obviously it doesn't have to be the army you are using at that event so if you do WHFB and it's a 40k event we can still judge it)

- The armies will be judged by event staff who are not involved in the competition - so probably Slayer staff members but this could change nearer the time.

:D First Prize is a FREE ticket to an Animosity event after June 2015. The winner may choose any Animosity ticketed event that takes place before the 1st of January 2016, from the scheduled events confirmed at that time.
:) Second Prize is something from Great white Miniatures (one of the things on sale by then)

There may be some prizes for best squad, best single mini, best vehicle and best conversion. If we can establish these sub catogories for the competition we will update you as they are confirmed.
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