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Figure Skating On-Site DVD Setups

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Figure Skating On-Site DVD Setups

Postby Williamhawk » 23 Dec 2017, 12:26


For starters I'd just like to mention that I am new to the video world as I have been strictly a photographer for sporting events.

With that said, I have run into quite the situation. Each year I cover 2 figure skating events and one of those event board directors asked me to offer on-site DVD's for each competition. My first response was "that isn't what I do" and they kept asking. So finally I told them I would look for someone or look into it myself.

Fast forward a little bit: No one in my area (that I can find through any resources) can help with this event. It's quite surprises but everyone wanted to shoot with a DSLR and well, I'm afraid of the rolling shutter issues.

Please Help.


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