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Thommy H's Chaos Dwarf rules

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Thommy H's Chaos Dwarf rules

Postby Craig » 17 Aug 2015, 15:41

As Age of Sigmar is now a (fantastic) thing, the Chaos Dwarves need a decent list. FW have released rules which are sufficient to play a basic game using the Legion of Azgorh, which is only Infernal Guard. However, many of us have big hat dwarves, Hobgoblins, characters on flying mounts, etc. None of these can be effectively fielded with the official rules. Thommy H, of, has produced a set of Warscrolls based around his fantastic 8th Ed army book which included rules for everything fieldable by Chaos Dwarves. This is an ongoing project and he is up to version 11 as of 17/08/15 and it is constantly evolving based on player feedback.

I do not know when ANIMOSITY will be running Age of Sigmar events, but I encourage you guys to allow these rules to be used. For the rules themselves, see the link below. I've not attached them as it's a living document. ... ?tid=15890
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