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Every time I see the play, it’s a bad feeling, it’s a dark

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Every time I see the play, it’s a bad feeling, it’s a dark

Postby linchao » 20 Jan 2020, 09:04

NFL Competition Committee Chairman Rich McKay believes there could be a silver lining to the bad call in New Orleans in the NFC Championship Game Drew Brees Jersey White , as it may give the league a greater sense of urgency to improve the instant replay.“What that play did is probably move the discussion forward a couple years,” McKay said on the set on Radio Row.McKay said he has come around to agreeing with Patriots coach Bill Belichick that coaches should be allowed to challenge penalties. But he said there are some details that still need to be ironed out.“The challenge system is the way to go. I think Coach Belichick is right when he said it a couple years ago. I think the issue is, What are you going to allow? What is it? Is it everything? Is it a specific call?” McKay said. “We will do that this year. That examination will occur.”Those are the strongest comments yet to indicate that instant replay is going to be expanded in 2019. All it took was a blown call in a big moment. Running back Mark Ingram has left New Orleans. But he’ll never forget his last game there.The Saints lost to the Rams in the NFC Championship, fueled by the blatant and stunning failure to call pass interference and/or an illegal hit on a defenseless receiver late in regulation.“That is something that no one on our team, no one in our organization, will ever get over,” Ingram tells Peter King of . “That is tough. Tough. When you get to that point Tre'Quan Smith Jersey White , basically one play from the Super Bowl, there’s no justifying that, there’s no comfort in that.“Obviously, they changed the rule, so they know they got it wrong. Some players play 14, 15 years without making it to a playoff game, so to be able to make it to that point Womens Alvin Kamara Jersey , a minute and some change left, and if you get this call, you’ve got a fresh set of downs, and you’re going to the Super Bowl. It was sickening. Every time I see the play, it’s a bad feeling, it’s a dark cloud over me.”Although the Saints won the Super Bowl a decade ago, Ingram didn’t arrive until 2011. He’s now left for Baltimore Michael Thomas Saints Jersey , where he’ll continue the quest for what would be his first berth in the NFL’s premier game.For his old team, the question remains whether the Saints can process a second straight heartbreaking end to the playoffs and dig out of the Valley of 0-0. It won’t be easy, especially given the level of competition in the NFC.
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Re: Every time I see the play, it’s a bad feeling, it’s a da

Postby lova » 16 Nov 2020, 15:26

McKay said on the set
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