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Insight to the Fimir of Grunty fen - WIP

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Re: Insight to the Fimir of Grunty fen - WIP

Postby Llamafish » 01 Mar 2015, 18:06

Fimir of Albion


Orginal isle of Albion before the first great war of choas c-4400

The rumours thought the remaining human tribes is that Coppermain has pledge her loyalty to the god of malice, as she and her kin have forsaken Balor – the one ended traitor of the odd one, that few but the most prioress dare name. Raids from mutants and heathen worshipers has weaken the tribes of man, but then the Fen folk appear though the mist come enforce and taken the remaining women and human there can use for slaves..

Isle of Eels (Ely) was once an elven Harbour outpost that was abandoned during the battle of the beards, when Albion engulfed by the sea, the area become the curse marsh. During the early part of C.2506 encourage by a Truthsayers, a Sigmatie Missionary establish a Nunnery and Cathedral on the old elven ruins as a sign from Sigmar himself! The locals tribes slowly are converted to worship of Sigmar and the area start to flourish.

During the Purge of warm bloods lead by the lizardmen Scar LearderKroq-Qar, the tribes where greatly weakend but manage to hide in the fens and bogs. Now this is when the Coppermain and her kin stuck the Missionary and local town that had sprung up. The horror of that night named the surrounding fens. Grunty fen (writters note – local fen from back home ) is named after the Fir Bolrag. (mostly the souls that suffered to the hands of the Coppermain clan) that in there undead state, wail and curse with inhuman voice, and infest the fens about the Fimir stronghold of Isle of Eels.

The tribe of Grunty fen to the current north coast of the albion, have been quiet for many years, relaying on the Albion Tribe of Man-eaters (Manea) to pay homage by gathering slaves and spoils of war to them . The Coppermain sights are set however on raiding the Forge of the old ones with the hope to finding the key to raising Albion out of the Sea of Chaos and therefore restoring Albion and finding Khulaine (legendary city of the Fimir race).

However, during these raids the Clan has be distracted by the increased appearance of Dwarves, orges and Dawi Zharr. This has lead to a bitterness toward orges and dwarves more than the tribe has know in many a generation! (Scott you written down some battles in your book right? - might help me write a timeline..)

The battle with Dawi Zharr however lead to a strange alliance... During the battle of Slayer Fields, where many a Fimir and Dawi Zharr was slaughtered merely because neither side would step down. Over the corpse of giants, Mistmor and K’daai Fireborn, Tarpotsmite moved toward the Sorcerer-Prophet of Hashut, tapped under his slain Taurus. The two chaos touched creatures spoke, intrigued by each other, finally agreed to a mutable agreeable arrangement. The Dawi Zharr would leave Albion and leave behind a single Hellcannon for the Clan to use and the Clan would give as tribute all the Dwarf Slaves the Fimir had currenty captured as slaves, therefore making sure no dwarfs where left in Albion once more!

Important members

Coppermain – The fimir Meargh,
Tarpotsmite - the Deargh or demon friend
Growler – FIANA FIMM noble, Mistmor or Warlord of the tribe
Logg – Fiana Fimm Champion.
Thrud the Fimir and Bubbles his toad dragon - A fimir myth that resides in the water filled crypts under the abandoned Catherdral on the Isles of Eels
(all the names above bases on family names... altered of course

The Battle of Albion Saga.

Few sessons of raiding the Clan and the Man-eater types had grown in power. Then the Mist of Albion vanished around most the the coast line, Coppermain foresaw tho help of demons and soothsaying that a plague of outsiders where to desend upon Albion and the Lead Citadel Lord would re awaken!

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