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not let me grow up?

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not let me grow up?

Postby ylq » 16 Nov 2019, 08:54

I can pretend to be small, can you not grow old? ����Inscribed relatives and neighbors said: ��Time has passed so fast, you have grown so high, and you have grown into a big girl so soon.�� You said: ��You are already fifteen years old, a big girl. We can't control you sometimes." Oh, I grew up. You said: "Old, not used, bad memory." Inadvertently seeing your hair Newport 100S, almost half of it is white hair, I realized that you are getting old. I grew up a little, and you are getting older. Time is passing fast. If time can go back. If time can go back, I want to go back to childhood. I remember that I always like to stick to you at that time. Wherever I go, I will go there. When you wake up every morning, you always wake me up on time to help me dress and wear shoes. Sometimes when I wake up, you still cook, I will wear it myself, and sneak up to the kitchen door, slamming out, wanting you to show my dressing results, you will always smile and say to me: I will wear clothes myself, it��s awesome.�� I��m always immersed in your praise for my joy. You carry me to school every day. I will always pick you up when I am out of school. I will always pester you to let me buy snacks for me. I will always snuggle in your arms Cheap Cigarettes. But these are the past, and I hope that time can go back and let me return to that happy time. If the time can be still. If the time can be still, I want to stay in the time I walk with you. I looked at you, a little rusty: "Grandpa, go out and go together." You nod, very subtle surprises flashed past. In the complicated streets, I firmly guard you behind me, blocking the crowds and taking you away from the noise. A girl is running with a smile. Followed by a middle-aged old man shouting: "Slow down, don't fall." I looked at you in the head, in memory, I was rampaging in front, you are following in the back. Yeah, you are blocking the damage for me. At the intersection, you took me subconsciously Cigarettes Online, yelling at me like a child: "Look at the car, slow down." But I forgot this road. I have to go several times a day. I have grown up, no longer the little girl. . How much time is hoped that the time will be still, and it will be quiet when we walk. Can you go slower? Can you not let me grow up? Time can not let him get old, I turned to look at you, burst into tears.
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Re: not let me grow up?

Postby ConnieSchwindt » 29 May 2020, 12:40

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