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the examination ro

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the examination ro

Postby ylq » 16 Nov 2019, 08:50

The beauty in the memories has not been erased, and the feeling of deep feelings has not passed away. As long as the friendship is still there, everything will bloom in spring. -------Inscription When the first sunshine in the morning shines on me, my classmates and I have already sat in the teachings of the reading, and enjoy the baptism of the first sunshine of the day. . In the summer, the hot sun is burning. In order to meet the final exam, I have been preparing for a long time. Even the morning sun has seen me and I can't help but praise me. Sitting in the examination room, I only felt very nervous. The hot weather made me feel upset. I couldn��t calm down and do every problem. I couldn��t remember the problem of the problem-solving ideas. . I was so anxious that I was sweating and looked down at the watch. The time was over half. I was not discouraged. I picked up the pen. The brain flashed through her smiling face. I even sent me a solution. In the morning, I am confident to write the answer to the question. After the volume was finished, I checked it again and felt that the questions should be correct Then I couldn��t help but think of me and her. When the first sunshine in the morning came to me and her, she was giving me a text. As her desk, I feel very fortunate. Her endorsement is not like endorsement. She wants to be a poem. She is very skilled. After she finishes, she said to me: "You still don't? So simple text. You are so slow." She smiled after she said it, but I was not angry. Although her language was somewhat direct, her smile contained a charm that encouraged me to cheer. She smiled at me. It��s not the first time I just stepped into junior high school Wholesale Cigarettes. Different life and learning rhythms waved to me, but after a long time, I felt very dull. My meal card was lost. This is undoubtedly adding a seasoning to my dull life. Agent, I never lost anything before. I felt so helpless when I first encountered such a thing Carton Of Cigarettes. My desk ------ she, "going up" took me to report the loss, still to me Said: "If you can't find it today, then use my meal card first. I'll accompany you to do new. "Her smile has hung in her face, then, I really think that smile is my life real sunbeam. "��������------" accompanied the voice of the class, interrupted my thoughts, the sound of the "last ten minutes of the test" sounded on the horn, I glanced at the classroom and realized that I was still in the examination room. It! I thought I made a very beautiful and warm "dream"! I hope that this "dream" will not wake up. When the hourglass of memory stops at that moment, my world will leave your mark.
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