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Daisho - Nippon!

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Daisho - Nippon!

Postby Llamafish » 16 Oct 2015, 13:21

I am just working out a campagin for the game Daisho.
There was a supplement written but never released for WFRP for Nippon:

looks like the background got used in fabled lands: ... bones.html ... l=en&pli=1

or fanbased

Graeme Davis The East was never officially opened up by GW. They stuck a toe in the water - after Kagemusha, the Shogun miniseries and the 80s fashion for Japanese characters on T-shirts, there was a lot of interest in feudal Japan among 80s geeks.

There was the short-lived Oriental Heroes range, and the Perrys did a few ninja minis, but almost nothing in the way of text. I proposed an Oriental Heroes vs. hobgoblins battle box (working title: Bakemono's Revenge) but the battle boxes were dropped after McDeath.

What Mark found is the mortal remains of the Tetsubo project. Dave Morris and Oliver Johnson, authors of the "Way of the Tiger" gamebooks, were commissioned to create a Nippon supplement for WFRP1. I was one of the people who looked over the original ms when they turned it in, and everyone agreed it didn't nail the WFRP tone. It was more like an adaptation of FGU's Bushido to use WFRP1 rules. It languished in a "to be developed" pile for a long time, but nothing happened with it. As time went on it was getting harder and harder to get a green light for a new Enemy Within adventure, let alone opening up a whole new region. Then the fashion for Japanese stuff faded and that was that.

For what it's worth, I remember two pieces of Nippon fluff from back then:
1. The Cult of the Orange Simca (aka Simcism): a reference to a car owned by Rick or Hal, I can't remember which. May appear in earlier Citadel Journals or similar. Orange-robed monks, Simca is a Buddha-like figure.
2. Vimto: a martial art ("the way of martial vigour"), named after a soft drink popular in the Nottingham area. Not sure if this was ever mentioned in any publication or if it was just a joke around the office
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