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Imperial Edict

Read dis 'oomies! This is the rules and FAQs section for Animosity Events. New members start here please!

Imperial Edict

Postby chilledmonkeybrains » 18 Apr 2014, 18:17

Imperial edict *

Here follows a strict list of laws, enforced by imperial decree. All imperial citizens, humans, humanoids, mechanicus, servitors, undead robots, chaotic mutations and xenos filth of every kind must obey the rules on these forums or else suffer terrible consequences at the hands of the Inquisition. All hail the Emperor!

1. Thou shalt have fun

2. Thou shalt be nice to all xenos filth, especially if they have lots of big sharp pointy teeth

3. Thou shalt spreadeth the word of Animosity Events to all your friends, human or otherwise

4. Thou shalt not post any threads advertising 3rd party events, without the express permission of Animosity Events

5. Thou shalt criticise thy brother, but only when necessary and thou must ensureth that it be constructive

6. Thou shalt report trolls to the Inquisition for interrogation/termination

* Note that Imperial decrees are liable to change at the whim of the High Lords of Terra. It's because they can

You have been warned. All hail the Emperor! Etc.
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