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Read dis 'oomies! This is the rules and FAQs section for Animosity Events. New members start here please!


Postby chilledmonkeybrains » 18 Apr 2014, 17:56

Welcome to Animosity Events!

Please take a moment to read through the code of conduct rules for our events below. Don't worry; it's nothing heavy, just a combination of common sense and common courtesy. :D

1. It’s all about the FLUFF
This means we want the events to be story-driven, with the results from initial scenarios influencing bigger in-game events further down the line. It’s about immersing yourself in the story; it’s not about winning at all costs, but rather contributing to the ongoing narrative experience, win or lose.

2. It’s also about having FUN
We want all of our events to be as exciting, entertaining and enjoyable as possible, for ALL our players. We are reasonably sure that everyone who plays tabletop war games does so because they want to have fun. If everyone is friendly, flexible, helpful and peaceable (i.e. not confrontational), we should all be able to have a good time. True, not everyone will always see eye-to-eye, but in our experience other players and/or event referees can usually calm most situations (unless of course the quarrelling players in question are an orc and a dwarf, in which case stand well back and enjoy the show…)

3. Good SPORTSMANSHIP is both encouraged and rewarded
We want to actively encourage good sportsmanship at Animosity events. This can take many different forms, from being gracious in victory (or defeat!) to helping new players to settle in, assisting them with rules, tactics and allowing the odd out-of-phase move should your opponent forget, even if it is at your expense! And we reward good sportsmanship, too… (see the ‘Awards & Trophies’ thread)

4. POWERGAMERS are welcome, but leave the POWERGAMING attitude at home
Powergamers. That old chestnut.

Ok, we don’t ever want to turn anyone away (unless you are the most obnoxious, stubborn and generally annoying troll going and have repeatedly offended other players), but Animosity Events run narrative campaign weekends where it is more about developing and participating in the unfolding storyline, than a burning desire to win at any cost. These events are not ultra-competitive tournaments. It is important to mention, however, that many ‘fluffy’ army lists can appear to have been designed with powergaming in mind. We have a separate thread entitled ‘Fluffy armies vs. broken armies’ that covers this subject in greater detail and it can be found here.

For the purposes of our events, Animosity defines powergaming as follows:

- The powergamer has a win-at-all-costs attitude, often (but not always) at the expense of the narrative
- The powergamer rocks up with a completely unfluffy, tournament-winning army list

A good article on powergaming can be found here.

Well, that's enough rules for now. If you have any questions about the rules or anything else, feel free to PM one of the administrators or mods.

Happy wargaming!

The Animosity Team
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