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Fable III - Worst Port Ever?

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Fable III - Worst Port Ever?

Postby Williamhawk » 27 Nov 2017, 09:44


It maxes out my GPU instantly. The GPU usage hits 100%, the temps climb into the 80s, the fans spin up to 100%, game goes berserk.

It isn't giving me bad performance or anything - i get 200+ fps (it isn't even playable with Vsync on, as it stutters and chops) with nVidia's forced Vsync off, and a solid 60 with it on. Doesn't matter what graphical details i turn on, shut off, tweak in the settings file, or force with nVidia's drivers, it still does it.

Game is essentially unplayable because i cant stand to hear the GPU fan at 100% (most other games it never breaks 50c and the fans are barely audible) and dont want to cook my GPU.

I have NO idea what is causing this. When it launched, it had really bad performance.. .but no one reported what is happening on my rig. I get great performance... with 100% GPU usage no matter what!

Please help.


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