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how to: custom resin bases

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how to: custom resin bases

Postby Vraksianrebel » 27 Jul 2014, 18:57

Right I am thinking about making some sets of resin scenic bases. I have a few ideas of stuff I would like to give a go but first of all I'd like to know what bases you guys would be interested in?
Versions of bases that are already on the market or completely new settings that you would like to have but aren't available?
I'd really like to get some ideas of what people would like and what might be good items for us to produce that people might be interested in getting
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Re: how to: custom resin bases

Postby Llamafish » 28 Jul 2014, 21:52

Decided it would be best to make some bases to see how this process can start :)


Pretty straight forward when you got the tools and materials! Think all these will need is some static grass (like the stuff u get on a roll!)
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