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What do you want? What should be here?

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What do you want? What should be here?

Postby Williamhawk » 21 Dec 2017, 12:02


I've got some ideas in my head already. A thread for legal ways to find anime & manga in English. Guides to anime based on genre, a dummy's guide to franchise X. Talkback collections. A thread for tracking upcoming anime and gathering all manner of hype in one easy one-stop-shop location. There could be more besides any of that, I'm sure there is.

Speaking of which, if there are awesome existing resources you think more people should know about, I want those too. It could be some kind of great blog, a youtube video or even somebody's whole channel, a chart (I really liked this), somebody's book, a top 100 list, whatever. I've saved a lot of things on my own over the years here and there, but I know better than to think I've seen (or remembered) everything.

Please Help.


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